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Thread: Kenmore Coldspot S-by-S, not cold. Plz help.

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    Default Kenmore Coldspot S-by-S, not cold. Plz help.

    Kenmore Coldspot Side by Side (106.55526400). In the last 24hrs the temp on both sides has gone to warm. Unit is less than 2 years old at best. Bought it from ABT in Chicago on a scratch&dent sale (so not sure about any warranty, although I'd prefer to DIY anyway).

    From what I can tell, the cooling fan is running, the compressor (all black sealed pumpkin sized unit) appears to not be running. Relay and whatever it is attached to (looks like another relay) seem to be clicking semi-frequently with no compressor startup. Compressor is very warm to the touch, as is the relay and piggybacked black box.

    As a side note, the strip between the 2 front doors has always been very warm to the touch as well, but do not know if that helps.

    Any help you folks can offer would be greatly appreciated by my ears. Cuz my better half ain't gonna quit bitchin' till this is fixed Thanks!!!

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    Make sure your condenser fan motor next to your compressor is running while your refrigerator is cycled on. You may have a bad compressor relay thats causing the clicking sounds as described here:

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