Model Number: NX58K9850SS
Brand: Samsung
Age: 1-5 years

So I bought this oven from a liquidation website with the knowledge that it would take some repair. Mostly it was just missing some parts and had a couple of dents. It was apparently a floor model at a Best Buy somewhere. So as far as I can tell it has never actually been installed in a home.

Anyways when I got it and started to work on it right away the control panel wasn't working. All display section light up but no no response. So I pulled the display assembly module and noticed one of the wire connectors was almost somepletly pulled off the board. So I assumed that had to be the issue and ordered the replacement.

Once I got it installed it did the exact same thing. Began to trouble shoot more and discovered a set of wire connectors that went in the the PCB was not connected. Plugged it in and the display board light up correctly and you hear the chime it makes. Felt like an idiot and plugged the old display board back in and it worked just like the new one ��. But that connector actually came completely off so it needed replaced anyways.

But now the touch is all off. only a couple buttons respond but none of them respond to the correct setting. Button 1 puts up number 7 and number 2 puts up 8. Did the same on the old display module. So I thought I was ordering the Digitizer Glass part but I ordered the wrong part ��. I couldn't find the digitizer listed in the parts list at all not on any other site either. So I thought maybe it's the main board PCB.

Ordered that And installed it and guess what......exact same issue.

So the only thing I can think of is the glass digitizer but I cannot find a MFG Part number for that piece.

Someone help please!!!!!!