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Thread: NY58J9850WS/A Samsung Range Display Problem

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    Default NY58J9850WS/A Samsung Range Display Problem

    Model Number: NY58J9850WS
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    I purchased a dual fuel Samsung range (NY58J9850WS/AA) in August of 2016. In October 0f 2018, I lost the fluorescent display after an oven cleaning cycle. I have tried three replacement display assembly modules (DE96-01050B) in the range with all exhibiting the same strange behavior. In all instances the touch pads are mapped in an upside down arrangement. For example, a press of the “1” pad results in a display of “8”, a press of “8” results in a display of “1”.

    To initiate a setting of the clock, a press at the bottom of the display is required even though the clock pad is at the top of the display. My original board works perfectly in regard to mapping of touch pads.

    Two assemblies were purchased at Sears Parts Direct and one from Appliance Parts Pros. It is apparent that the firmware controlling the mapping of touch pads is wrong.

    Can anyone please help me resolve this issue?

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    Hi Ken,

    Here's the parts diagram for your model: Samsung Range NY58J9850WS/AA Repair Parts

    This is extremely unusual, I haven't run into this problem as of yet.

    Hopefully another tech that has seen this before can shed some light on this problem.

    If this problem is happening nationwide your thread will fill up fast with others saying the same thing.

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