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Thread: DV203ASG Samsung gas dryer no flame

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    Default DV203ASG Samsung gas dryer no flame

    Model Number: DV203ASG
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    Not sure where to post this, as it is a Samsung.
    I have checked the flame sensor and it has continuity. It has only one thermostat, checked this and it has continuity. Although the following parts should not be the problem I have also checked them. The operating fuse or thermostat as some call it has continunity, the thermistor checked, 10 ohms, the ignitor or glow bar as some call it, it is new.(I broke the old one by accident). The coils are new. I also verified their ohms out of desperation. There are no other thermostats or parts that I have missed.

    By the fact that the ignitor glows I would say that most everything else is good as the system is operating.

    The ignitor glows, bright and shuts off within several seconds including its normal on click and then the off click which should engage the the coil to induce flame.
    By the way I changed the flame sensor for giggles with one I had and had the same result.

    The complaint on this machine was that it would not dry clothes and not even get warm. This was a machine sold as a natural gas machine, but here they are using LP. I changed the spray for natural gas bu obviously this does not afect the flame.
    Looking for any help please.

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    Ok, your narrowed it down to being the gas valve that's bad, or your out or very low on Propane. That's all it can be.

    Here's the gas valve for your model:
    DC62-00201A Valve

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