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Thread: WM8000HWA Front load washer drum groaning sound when moving front to back

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    Default WM8000HWA Front load washer drum groaning sound when moving front to back

    Model Number: WM8000HWA
    Brand: LG
    Age: 1-5 years

    The drum on my four year old LG front load clothes washing machine makes a loud groaning and creaking noise when it moves back to front, but not when rotating. The noise usually occurs when the spin cycle is starting up or slowing down, but always occurs when the drum is moved front to back, which takes little effort.

    This machine is model WM8000HWA.
    Here is a video demonstrating the problem:

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    Its possibly the inner tub spider support assembly: MHW61901302 Spider

    Or your tub gasket:
    MDS62058301 Tub Gasket

    Video included in part link.

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