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Thread: GE Zoneline Heat Pump - Compressor won't stop!

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    Default GE Zoneline Heat Pump - Compressor won't stop!

    Model Number: AZ61H15DAB
    Brand: GE
    Age: 1-5 years

    We have a GE Zoneline AZ61H15DAB installed in a rental unit and, with it powered on, the compressor never stops. When the temperature is satisfied, the blower stops as it should, but the compressor keeps "rumbling" in the background. For now we just plug it in when it gets cold, and then unplug when it's warm enough. We have to set it high (78 degrees) so we are not constantly plugging and unplugging. The unit is only 5-1/2 years old and I really don't want to buy a new one yet. The heat pump and the resistance heat are working fine, but the compressor never turns off. Is there a simple solution that someone may have come across for this? Does something need to be reset? Is there an AUX mode setting that needs to bee turned on or off?



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    Lightbulb Shorted relay on PCB?

    When the temperature is satisfied, the blower stops as it should, but the compressor keeps "rumbling" in the background.
    There are usually separate relays on control board for the fan and compressor functions. The relay for the compressor function may be shorted and not disconnecting power when it should.

    Those relays are not usually available separately in which case the whole power control PCB may need to be replaced to correct the condition.

    LINK > GE AZ61H15DABM Drive Power Board

    Dan O.

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    How much is it to repair a furnace? every one tells me something different. I called HVAC people and they said its cheap I just wonder what I need to be looking for
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