Model Number: HBL8650CU/07
Brand: Bosch
Age: 6-10 years


So for about a month the oven would loose it's Date function and at the same time the bake cycle would stop. Now it displays 4 vertical slash marks which are maybe 1/4 inch long in the upper LH screen. The appliance guy looked at it and didn't instill confidence. I don't see anything burned, probably replace the control panel interface and the control board will most likely fix it. Well, that's like $700 in parts.

First- anyone have similar experience? Maybe I can try replacing just one( got a guess)? I wasn't at home, but somehow the front comes off the double oven. Can someone point me to some instructions? I'm pretty handy with mechanical and electronics. I can test some stuff- inspect for bad capacitors, diodes etc... measure thermometer resistances etc.

Our oven is 7 years old and we cook. Is this possible to just be a failed relay assembly which is $70?

Some advice would be most appreciated.