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Thread: Looking for upright freezer with built-in icemaker; do they exist any more?

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    Default Looking for upright freezer with built-in icemaker; do they exist any more?


    I'm looking for an upright freezer with a built-in icemaker. I believe my existing Kenmore freezer will need to be replaced.

    Do these types of upright freezers exist any more? I'm looking for something in the 18-20cu ft range.

    I found it incredibly practical for my freezer in the basement to be pumping out ice instead of using precious space in my kitchen fridge/freezer combo.

    Thanks for any insights.


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    Thanks a good question Eric, I think I've seen one of two upright freezers with ice makers makers in them, but that was about 15 years ago, and I can't remember the brands they were. They are rare to say the least.

    Search online at the appliance stores in your area, or even better go visit them in person and ask if they still make upright freezers with ice makers makers in them.

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