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Thread: Kitchenaid oven/microwave combo wiring

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    Default Kitchenaid oven/microwave combo wiring

    I have a kitchenaid oven/ microwave combo and the microwave has been broke for a while now. My question is can I cut the male plug off the old microwave and put it on the new microwave to hook into the previous power supply?

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    Arrow How installed?

    It may be physically possible but I don't know if it would be up to electrical code. Ask a local electrician.

    Is it going to be installed as a direct replacement for the other or will it be a separate appliance?

    If separate, I would think it would need its own wall outlet to be within code (just a guess, I'm not an electrician). If it will be a direct replacement for the original and be part of the original unit again, I might suggest totally removing the cord and transferring the original wiring harness over... if possible.


    Dan O.

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