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    Our KitchenAid oven won'l light. Model #KGSC308LSS0, serial #IMP2866510. In the past, the ignitor would glow, but the oven would only light intermittently. Now, no glow, no oven. Our problems with the stove are compounded, since we live in Fiji (big tech commute cost), and run our power through a 220V-110V step-down transformer from our 220V generator. But we have new generation inverter with clean power that works for our electronics, computer, etc. Cook top works fine.

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    I would first do a voltage check at your oven igniter for 110 volts. If you are getting 110 volts and your igniter is not glowing then you would need a new igniter.

    Here is the one for your model you can order if you need to:
    Ignitor, oven burner

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