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Thread: WDT710PAYM4 No Power

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    Default WDT710PAYM4 No Power

    Model Number: WDT710PAYM4
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: 1-5 years

    No house breaker tripped. I have power to the outlet. My reading lead me to think it is a thermal fuse.

    I found the part number: 661566

    However, when I open the dishwasher door and access the control panel, I cannot locate where the fuse is inside the control panel. Can you enlighten me on where this thermal fuse is on model: WDT710PAYM4.

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    where this thermal fuse is
    Doesn't appear to have one.

    No Power
    A copy:

    My dishwasher will not start: Most common d/w power is 120 volts, check for 120 volts with a volt meter at the main power harness where it enters into the dishwasher, you will have to remove the lower access panels to get to the power box. Dishwashers also have at least one and most newer dishwashers have two door switches that must be checked. You will find then behind the console at the door latch area. Each manufacture has different designs but this is a picture of what some of the newer dishwasher switches look like.

    I found the part number: 661566
    That will be for the heating element.

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