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Thread: Amana Electric Oven Not Heating Enough

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    Default Amana Electric Oven Not Heating Enough

    My wall oven is only 3 years old (just out of warranty, of course) and won't heat anywhere near the temp shown on the display or when the oven beeps saying it's up to temp. It's off by 100 or more degrees. I replaced the temperature sensor, but still have the problem. What can I check now?

    Model #AOES3030WW
    Serial #0002235020
    Mfg #P1132347NWW

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    You would need to replace your control board then, these are very costly.

    You can order it here:
    (Click photo for pricing/ordering information):

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    Default Temperature offset

    I noticed that your temperature offset problem occured over 6 months ago. I am assuming you resolved the problem. I have a similiar problem however my temperature offset is only 20 degrees. I would appreciate if you would let me know how you resolved the problem.

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