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Thread: Model 721.62622200 stopped working!

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    Default Model 721.62622200 stopped working!

    New member here. Our 5-year old Micro/hood no longer heats up food. The smooth hum of the magnetron now sounds like a low laboring motor.

    I'm hoping for advice from knowledgeable folks in this forum:
    1. Is the magnetron the part I need to replace?
    2. Is it worth replacing ($$$)?
    3. Is it easy to replace - anyone have a DIY step by step?


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    Thumbs up Fixed!!!

    Hi Folks,

    Had a little free time so I thought I would report back that I successfully repaired our microwave last month.

    After a little more research (gotta love the internet), I've narrowed the problem to be the magnetron and capacitor. Basically, there are four major components that I tested: transformer, diode, capacitor, and magnetron. I found a website that showed how to test these components. The magnetron and the capacitor had shorts (finite resistance). I replaced both for $100. Actually very easy to do now that I'm familiar with the components. Good as new. Hoping for another 5 years of use.

    Thanks to this board for appliance repair links. The sears parts website was helpful too.

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