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790.42823700 Glass Cooktop Burner Won't Shutoff


Feb 12, 2019
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Kenmore Elite glass cook-top

Cook-top was shutoff after cooking breakfast. The display read 'HE" on the bridge burners and the fan was running as it should. The cook-top was left alone for a couple of hours, when I noticed that the cook-top was still hot, the display still read "HE", and the fan was still running. I keep an IR thermometer by the cook-top and I measured the cast iron griddle that was on the bridge. The back burner had heated the griddle up to 780F. So the back burner was on and at a fairly high setting. I tried turning the cook-top and burner on and then back off which did not have an effect. I"m not sure but I think the back burner was cycling on and off. I know I saw it turn off and on but I was pressing a bunch of buttons and before that and I was not watching the burner while pressing the buttons. I did not actually see the burner until I pried the griddle off the burner which was partly welded to it at that point. Anyway, I then flipped the breaker an let it cool.

Later on, when I turned the cook-top breaker back on, it worked fine. From what I have read on this, it seems that the problem could be the switch or the control unit. However, trouble shooting an intermittent problem is always difficult and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about trouble shooting this or at least how to ensure it does not happen again. Also, is there any recalls of this unit. I have noticed other similar units are under recall for similar issues but I don't know where to check this one.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Appliance Tech - Moderator
Staff member
Jul 11, 2006
Murray, Utah 84107, United States
trouble shooting an intermittent problem is always difficult....
Probably a sticky relay on the relay board. I've seen that happen on other ranges and cooktops. But that's just a guess. Until it fails again there's really no way of knowing for sure. I checked for any recalls and didn't find any. If you registered your model number and serial number with Sears they'll notify you if there is one.
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