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790.47913603 Kenmore Double Wall oven shuts off (total power loss) intermittently when hot


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Sep 10, 2020
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
We have a Kenmore double wall oven. The model number is 790.47913603. I replaced the control board about 5 years ago and it's been working great since then.

Lately however, the oven will intermittently completely shut off in the middle of cooking, generally only when it's above 350 or so. It will be completely off (display dark, oven light off, just like a power outage) for anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, then it will come back on with PF flashing (for power failure). We have to set the clock again and can then turn it back on but the previous settings are gone.

The circuit breaker is not tripping and toggling the circuit breaker while it's happening does not restore power so I don't think it's circuit breaker related but I've not yet tried replacing the circuit breaker so I don't know for sure. Does it sound like the control board needs replacing again? Any other causes come to mind?

Thanks for any ideas!
Was it doing the exact same thing when you replaced the control board 5 years ago?

Here's the control board for your model: 316443821

What was the part number of that board you replaced?

Part #: 316443910 (AP3960187)

This is the one I purchased in 2005:
Got it!

Then the board I posted the link to above in my post #2 should fix this problem you are having now.:)


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