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790.95664100 Kenmore Range - Hot surface light turns off when burner turned off with new replacement burners


Jan 25, 2021
East Hampden County, MA
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
Hi, all. Here is the short of my situation - I had to replace the two rear burners on our range. We were able to get them to work (more on that below), but with the new burners, the hot surface light turns off immediately when the burners are turned off. They do not come on until the surface is clearly hot so the on function of the sensor is working, but for some reason, the power to the sensor is not maintained when the burner is turned off. Anyone familiar with this issue or have ideas? See following for additional info. Documents and images attached. Please note the difference in the switch block layout between the old and new elements.

The range is a 19 year old Kenmore glass top range, model number 790.95664100. Both rear burners burned out recently within a couple weeks of each other. I verified that the burners were bad following Sears' Appliance on-line troubleshooting guides and ordered two new burners. The original burners have, of course, been superseded by newer versions. Per the parts diagram the new part 318178110 replacing original part 316010205. Apparently this also works for Frigidaire ranges which makes me believe this range was likely built by Frigidaire. I just rechecked the parts site and these elements are now on back order which makes me wonder if they will discontinued as the warmer element is no longer in production.

After installing the new burners as per the Sears instructions, they would not work leaving me at a loss. We ended up calling Sears Appliance repair and they did send a tech out despite them supposedly having a policy against servicing appliances that the home owner had tried their own troubleshooting. This guy was obviously under a lot of pressure telling us that they were way under staffed and he had too many calls on his plate for the day. He did take a go at figuring out why the burners would not work but was overly concerned about the fact that I had already worked on it. I explained that I had ensured I had transferred all connections from burner to burner as directed by the Sears website and had even marked the switch wires to ensure any wires I tested were reconnected to the correct locations on the switches. Still, that didn't satisfy him which only caused him to stress more. To make matters worse, he said the wiring diagram did not label the wire colors on the diagram which would make tracing connections extremely difficult.

He focused his attention on the left burner which was more accessible, but did test the wires for both burner switches. In the end, he just could not figure out what was wrong and recommended that we call Sears and ask for another tech who might be better qualified.

After he left, my wife accidently switched on the right element and it turned on! What the...? I opened everything up and it turned out that he had reversed the H1 and H2 leads when he reconnected the right switch. So apparently, the power connections on the new element are reversed. When I reversed them on the left element, it worked, too. Yay! However, we then noticed that the hot surface light would turn off immediately upon switching off the burner that was hot. Once the sensor feels too hot, it should be closing a connection to its own power supply but it appears it is now I tried swapping the wires on the burner connection multiple ways to try to resolve the issue, but have not had any luck resolving the light problem. It isn't a huge deal, but I do find it annoying.

On another note, when I looked at the wiring diagram, I noted each wire line had a one or two letter code followed by a number. I looked for a legend and there it was in the lower right corner of the diagram. The letters indicated the color and the number referred to the wire load rating! The tech should have seen that.


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