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795.51033.011 Kenmore Side by Side - icicle forming on icemaker arm, water dispenser not working


Dec 14, 2020
Irvine, CA
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Two issues with my Kenmore fridge.

1. Icemaker has an icicle forming on the icemaker arm. The screw right above it is rusted, and the screw holding the plastic cover over the water inlet on the right is also rusted. Observing water flow into the maker appears to show water wicking between that plastic cover and the icemaker. Is this something that can be fixed with a new icemaker module, or like to recur because of the water inlet?

2. Water dispenser was working intermittently before failing for 2 days. Spontaneously started working again. 1 month later, has stopped working again entirely. Flow was either completely normal, or no flow at all, never had weak flow. I replaced the water inlet valve assembly and it still did not work, so started troubleshooting more.
- Water flow into the valve assembly is fine, good pressure.
- Water flow into the water filter, and out of the water filter, works when pressing the dispenser switch. (checked at filter inside of fridge, and by observing water flow out of filter outlet line after unplugging it from the valve assembly).
- Solenoid triggers audibly, and vibrates when pressing the dispenser switch, but no water leaves the water dispenser side of the valve.
- Water flow from the icemaker side still works without issue, as icemaker continues to make ice with both old and new valve assembly.

Should I check the Dispenser Control Board or is there anything else to investigate directly at the valve assembly?