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795.51314011 Kenmore ice-maker not releasing ice after its made


Mar 6, 2017
Model Number
serial #010MRCJ08739
side by side indoor ice-maker is not releasing the ice after if is made. any ideas on what could be causing this?

So the ice is made in the ice maker tray, but won't cycle out?

If that's the case, then you'd need a new ice maker, but unfortunately Its No Longer Available: Ice Maker Assembly 5989JA1002D

This refrigerator isn't that old, its very strange to me that its been discontinued.

Not strange to me. It makes perfect sense. LG has had so much trouble with their ice makers it probably got to the point where they had to decide between listening to another 100,000 customers complain about their ice makers or discontinue it. To me that's a no brainer. That and they can't find anyone who wants to work on their machines.

I read this in the latest appliance news: LG marketing VP David VanderWaal says that "starting this year" all of LG's home appliances will feature "advanced Wi-Fi connectivity." One of the flagship appliances that will make good on this promise is the Smart Instaview Refrigerator, a webOS-powered Internet-connected fridge.

I can already see the problems, "Some one hacked my fridge and ate my Thanksgiving turkey!" 6c2ba386.x120.gif
I can already see the problems, "Some one hacked my fridge and ate my Thanksgiving turkey!" View attachment 32466
LOL, very true.:)

But the problem still remains about their ice makers, until they learn how to make a good solid ice maker with less of a failure rate, no one will want to buy their appliances.


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