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FIXED 795.71355.910 Kenmore Fridge not cold, Freezer is cold


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Jun 23, 2022
Bozeman, Montana
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
1-5 years
Bottom freezer fridge. The fridge isn't cold. I checked evaporator and it looks normal, no frost build up.
I suspect the fan isn't running. But I don't even know where the fan blows out to feel if air is moving. How can I test the fan?
The freezer evaporator fan motor mounts above the evaporator coil and blows the air up into the refrigerator vents.

If your checked the freezer evaporator coil in the freezer you should see it if its running or not.

Your Kenmore 795 is made by LG.

Here's the freezer evaporator fan motor for your model:
Evaporator Fan Motor EAU63923603

Here's the video that gives you the general idea of how to remove the evaporator cover in the freezer:

I pulled the evaporator cover off. The fan is built into the cover and it wasn't spinning. Neither fan (ice maker and refrigerator) were spinning and I assumed because the door was open.

The refrigerator is less than 2 years old.

What I did was cut the breaker and waited a couple of minutes and back on. The next day the refrigerator seems to be very cold again.

So, my conclusion is something electronic. But that concerns me because this unit is so young.
I've had to reboot the fridge before when it wasn't making ice.

Perhaps the control board is intermittently flaking out. And no doubt out of warranty.
Yes, that is it.

Did the new main control board fix it?

Ok, got it! Let us know how it goes.

Dang...I ordered the wrong part. Sending back. I'm not sure how I messed that up.

Nobody has part EBR86093730 In stock

Question..would EBR86093717 be similar enough?
While I'm waiting for a PCB board to be in stock.

I'm not sure I ever saw the evaporator fan spinning. It was once frozen up when the freezer door was open and ice built up all over it.
The little fan in the top fridge behind the air filter is spinning.

How do I test the evaporator fan? I'm getting ~ 86k ohms on the red/black wires. While fan unplugged I got a "Er FF error"

With the refrigerator doors closed and the bottom freezer open, the fan doesn't spin.
But the refrigerator is beeping at me for holding the freezer door open and I can't figure out how to fool it to think it's closed? Magnet?
Ok, I couldn't locate the wiring diagram for your model, but underneath the top right side hinge cover for it and scan it please and post it, I need to see which wires send 12 volts DC to the evaporator fan motor.

This is the closest service manual I could locate for your model: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WAcPGFbewftV77zHrW8oDIx-7GKeUHto/view?usp=share_link Page 76 and 78 mentions the door reed switch magnets and where to put them.

Thanks for the link. I actually found a service manual that is pretty close to my model. VEEERY useful stuff in there.

What I found was the PCB has a "self-test" button.
One press goes into mode 1 of self test. This turns on the compressor and all the fans and the front display lights EVERYTHING up.
I was able to verify the condenser fan was in fact, running during the test. So at least I know the fan works.
There is also a tiny fan on top of the fridge behind the air filter. It also runs.

But the fan doesn't seem to be running when it should. The temp on the top shelf is ~50 degrees and the fan doesn't appear to be running. I assume it should and it provides cold air to the top. I was able to shine a flashlight through the silly "preview" door and see the little fan is not spinning and the temp is 50F. Not good.

So I'm back to believing the main PCB board is toast. Rebooting doesn't seem to help anymore. We have food outside on the patio (it's cold out there).
Going to search for a replacement board. Someone must have one in stock.
Yes, the evaporator fan motor I posted in post #2 above should be running to send cold air into the refrigerator section.

Did you check for 12 volts DC to it? Also you can ohm test that motor for continuity.

Ok, so this is weird.

I've rebooted that fridge dozens of times. And it doesn't change and the top shelf is 50deg.

So, I pulled the fan assembly panel out of the freezer. This has 3 wires. Ice fan, condenser fan, and a thermister.
I tested the fan, got I think 36kohms Couldn't reach in to put the tester to see if 12v was at the plug.
I put it all back together, pushed the "test" button on the PCB and all the fans came on, the compressor, all lights on the door. So the fan works.

Went searching for a PCB for this model. Nobody has it in stock.
Got frustrated. Started thinking, I need to buy a new fridge to hold me over until I can get a PCB. Started pricing new refrigerators and felt a pain in my wallet butt cheek.

Went back and tested temp on top shelf wall. 32deg !!!!!!! Wait, WHAT?
Were the refrigerator gods smiling or laughing at me. I don't know.

This morning.....entire fridge is 34degrees. Everything very cold. Seems to be happy again.

So why??

Got me thinking. Pulling the panel and reconnecting the wires could have solved a loose connection on one of them. Could this have been my problem all along? Surely it would have thrown an error if the case.
Please, refrigerator gods, smile on me. Keep this thing running.
Got me thinking. Pulling the panel and reconnecting the wires could have solved a loose connection on one of them. Could this have been my problem all along? Surely it would have thrown an error if the case.
Please, refrigerator gods, smile on me. Keep this thing running.
That could of been the issue with the wires, keep your eye on it and see how it goes.

Two weeks now without issue. Nothing replaced. Freezer thermistor wire reseated was all that I did.

My conclusion was that when I pulled the freezer fan panel to manually defrost the evaporator (because the freezer door was not closed properly) one of the wires pulled loose (thermistor).
My guess is it was the thermistor wire because the ice and condenser fans would come on during self test and would throw an error code when unplugged.

Whew, what an ordeal. Glad it's working again. I hope I didn't jinx it by posting this, but I thought someone else might benefit from my experience.
Yes, I agree, that sounds like what happened.:)

Thanks for the update!

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