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795.72043313 Kenmore Elite french door ER IF code


Jan 4, 2016
Model Number
We are getting the ER IF code, even after unplugging. Many threads suggest checking and/or replacing the ice maker fan. Where is this fan located? Is it still behind the back freezer panel when the ice maker is on the left refrigerator door?


First reset the control board. Unplug the machine for 60 seconds then restore power. Press the button on the main control board once. Open the left refrigerator door and see if the fan is working by feeling for air flow at the holes on the left side. If there is no airflow check the fan motor connector doesn't have frost on it causing a short in the main control board.
Er IF.jpg

Measure the voltage in the CONN7 connector on the main board for the fan motor. Less than 9 VDC between the red wire and the blue wire, replace the main control board. 0 VDC or 5 VDC between the blue wire and the yellow/black wire replace the fan motor.
Er IF-2.jpg

Ice room fan motor is 407A

Motor Assembly ABA72913413

Main Control Board EBR73093618
Voltages ???

In my case, the voltage that appears in conn 7 was -2.49 vdc for the fan and -10.26 for the electronic circuit panel.
My question is why does the voltage on my multimeter appear with the negative sign?
In addition, the temperature remains low, it does not make ice, although the Er If code no longer appears on the screen.
Any help or advice you can give me, I will be very grateful.
It's DC voltage. Switch your meter leads. If you still have problems start a new thread. This one is two years old.

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