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795.74025 Kenmore Elite PCB Failed AFTER Universal Compressor Install


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Mar 9, 2021
Marana, AZ
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
1-5 years
I have a Kenmore elite 795.74025 with the dreaded LG linear compressor. I purchased it in October of 2017 and it died on valentines day of 2021.

I had a sears technician come out, and they confirmed the compressor had failed. For $550, Sears replaced the compressor with the new Universal compressor, and they flashed the PCB to update the firmware. Within 24 hours, the refrigerator was completely dead. No lights, no nothing. After confirming power at the outlet, I did a continuity check on the PCB board fuse and the fuse was blown. I'm trying to get Sears to replace the PCB free of charge, but they are saying it's not covered under there guarantee, because the initial repair was only for the compressor, even though they modified the PCB by reflashing it.
They are blaming it on the fact that I have a fridge and a deep freeze plugged into the same outlet in the garage. They said that the compressor of the fridge and the freezer likely turned on at the same time causing a spike to blow the fuse on the fridge. The deep freeze is rated at 5 amps and the fridge is rated at 3 amps. The house circuit is a 20amp circuit. I told that I realize that the compressor would cause a spike in current temporarily, but that would blow the breaker to the house circuit, not the fuse in the fridge. Knowing that the 2 appliances are in parallel and doing V=IR.... basically I come up with that the current going through the fridge is = 120V divided by the Resistance of the fridge. So the Freezer current should have not impact on the fridge... correct?

Has anyone else had a PCB go bad shortly after a tech updated the firmware on the PCB for the new universal compressor. The PCB board is EBR838069
BTW, I have called 1-800-469-4663 NUMEROUS times. I dial "1" to go to the technical department, and then "2" to discuss an appt that happened within the last 30 days. This seems to get me to "Repair Care Dept.". I've asked for "Customer Relations" but no one knows what that is. I've also escalated this to a supervisor within Repair care, but they are saying they will only cover parts under warranty (1yr for PCB) or the guarantee of a repair (which only the compressor is covered as the original fault was the compressor, not the PCB). They are saying only the technician can say that the PCB failure was his fault, and his supervisor approve to replace the PCB. So I have the technician coming out on 3/18 for a third time, but I already know he is not going to say he is at fault at all. He is already mad that Sears did a "Recall" appt the first time for him to come look at the PCB. He said the recall puts a black mark on his record and that this PCB failure is not a fault of his reflashing of the PBC board. Again, he blamed it on my deep freeze.
You will need to keep calling Sears and have this resolved. $550 is a lot of money to spend and you still have a non-working refrigerator.

If all else fails contact your local TV station and they will investigate.

Look here:

Sears is a dying company, just like Montgomery Ward was, so its best to avoid Sears from now on.

Thanks Jake. I completely agree! I even bit the bullet on the compressor and gave Sears the benefit of the doubt because we love the fridge. I just couldn't believe that it died 24 hrs later, and Sears' response is just more money please with no guarantee of a working fridge tomorrow!

Well, I just submitted to Kgun9 to see if they would investigate this issue for me.

So far no good.

I actually googled and found a contact for Tearria (in the news article you gave to me). I reached out to her, and she gave me the name of Dana Shoulders ( Team Manager | Regulatory Complaints) at Transformco. She said Dana is who she worked with once Diane Wilson as the news department investigated the problem. I've reached out to Dana over a week ago, but haven't heard anything back. I've also reached out to Diane Wilson for that same news article, as well as the Tucson News here in town, but it's been over a week and no one has responded back. I'll keep trying but so far no help.

In the mean time, Sears came to my house today to replace the PCB. I decided to go ahead and pay the $250 so I can at least have a working fridge. They upped the price on this trip to almost $400!!!! I was outraged, but told them to go ahead. 30 minutes later he told me that he had the wrong board. So now it's going to be 2 more weeks before I have a working fridge. The good news is that the board and labor is only about $250. lol Good grief.... such clowns!
That is crazy!

I'm glad your persistent in getting action done through the media, hopefully it pays off.:)


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