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FIXED 795.79783902 Kenmore Elite In Door Icemaker not filling with water


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Jan 8, 2018
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I would appreciate any assistance in troubleshooting and fixing this issue.

I have a Sears Kenmore Elite three door fridge model 795.79783.902. It has ice and water in the door. The water in the door works and dispenses water with good pressure and switches to dispensing ice if there is any ice in the ice storage bin. It is not producing ice unless I manually fill the icemaker with water. If I do fill it - it will make ice and dump it but does not refill with water. The icemaker model # is AEQ36756914. The water inlet valve is #AJU72992601- it only has ONE solenoid. The water supply comes from the wall of the house into the water inlet valve - out the valve as one white tube and runs up the back of the fridge to the top and into the fridge and a blue tube come out the same hole at the top and connects to a short white tube that goes back into the fridge at the top in a separate hole just a few inches away.

If I disconnect the blue tube and press the water glass fill switch in the door water comes out the blue tube so this is obvious the supply line for the water in the door that connects to the white tube and leading eventually to the valve in the door to dispense water. There must be some type of T or valve within the upper part of the fridge that sends water to the icemaker? What I haven't figured out is there another solenoid somewhere in the fridge on the water line after the first fill valve that controls water to the icemaker? With only one water supply line from the fill valve at the bottom of the fridge with one solenoid that connects to the water supply line from the wall wouldn't it have to turn on when the switch for water in the door is pressed and again when the icemaker calls for water? If the solenoid or valve opens to dispense water wouldn't that mean it should dispense water to the icemaker when it calls for water? Or is there a second solenoid somewhere else that the icemaker sends a signal to when it needs water to fill the icemaker that is not working? Where is it located? How does one get to it to test and/or replace?

Any help you can provide is much appreciated. Thank you.

Yes, you have a dual water inlet valve in the left door.

To access, open the left door and there is a removable panel at the bottom of the door. Remove the one screw holding it and push the left side of the panel to unsnap the panel from it's mount. There will be a dual water valve there.

Here it is for your model: (part # MJX41869202) which feeds the water dispenser and the ice maker.

Thank you Jake with your directions I found the access panel and accessed the area with the double solenoid valve and was able to trouble shoot the issue and get it working again. Thank you for your help.
Glad to hear that!

Was it the dual valve that was bad?

Hello Jake-

No the valve worked fine. So at that point I concentrated on the ice maker. I found the metal arm that moves up and down and keeps the ice maker from over filling with ice would not move and was stuck in the closed or normal position. I took the ice maker out of the freezer and took it apart. I found there was water froze up in the area near the control module and the gear end of the metal arm not allowing it to move. Apparently the ice maker was stuck in the full mode and even would dump ice if manually cycled - it would not send a signal to the water valves to fill. Thawed and dried it out and reinstalled it. Seems to be working fine for now. Saved me from buying valves, ice maker and so forth. I appreciate your help.

Now my microwave is on the Fritz if you are familiar with them. I posted a question under Maytag microwaves regarding it tripping the breaker and now not working at all. Thank you.

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