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FIXED 796.31523211 Kenmore Top Loader Fill Slows down after 30 seconds (IE Error)

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Jan 2, 2018
Model Number
I have a Kenmore Elite top loader. I have been getting the IE (Inlet Error) The hoses are clear as are the inlet filters and the water pressure leaving the hoses is fine.

When I start a load, the water fills fine for about 20-30 seconds but then "kicks" and the water fills VERY slowly. Eventually I get an IE error. I have taken the hose and filled the tub directly and the wash has then continued fine.

I believe I have narrowed it down to the Inlet Valve (which would be the easy thing to change) or the computer control board.

Any thoughts? I appreciate any help.

Thank you

Hi Brian,

We need the complete model number, there should be 8 more digits after the 796.


It is a 796.31523211

I have also noticed an odd error of a lower case u (just the lower half of the display) and an E (uE) while it slowly fills with water sometimes.

Thank you
That uE code is an unbalanced load error. Those LG source 796 top loaders have had probems with the uE error. It will go to a deep fill to redistribute the load then drain & spin. It will attempt this 4 times after that it will display UE. Make sure the washer is level, the nut holding the pulser plate (agitator) is tight and the rotor nut is tight. If that checks good run the washer empty on drain/spin if it uE errors again, the main pcb will need to be replaced.


Sears repair tech 1993-present
Thanks Tim I will check the nut and make sure it is tight. Any idea on the slow fill issue? Hoping its just an easy valve swap, I ordered a replacement.

Here's the closet service manual I have for your washer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z29jwh8vz7b4v0k/796 31512210 Service Manual.pdf?dl=0

Page 32 lists the error codes your getting. And what to test for. But I couldn't find anything where it refers to TESTMODE 3. Which puzzles me.

Thanks Tim for helping him out, I've been swamped with field service calls the past few days.

Yes, I'd say the water inlet valve is more than likely the problem.

Here's the water inlet valve for your model:
Water Inlet Valve AJU75152601

Here's the main control board for your model:
Main Control Board EBR67466117

Thank you both.
That's the valve I ordered. I really hope thats what is wrong with it as the CB costs a LOT more money. I will update the thread for others on how the repair goes once it gets here.

Sounds good Brian, yes please keep us posted.



Alright, I just received the part today (after a "weather delay") and installed it. I started a load and the water seems to be flowing fine. It looks like the inlet valve was the issue. I will update you all again if anything goes wrong, but as of now it is fixed.

Thank you all for your time on this.

Excellent Brian, I will mark your thread FIXED.:)

Thanks for the update!

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