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    Default Imperial HD Commercial freezer

    I've just inhereted this 1991 freezer, model UL1991ECW1. When I first plugged it in it immediatly began buzzing (very loudly). I looked around the unit and discovered two rocker switches and three lights on the bottom, right, front kick panel. I rocked the left switch from right to left position, the buzzing stopped and the light went from red to off. Can someone please direct me to the maunal for this unit that describes the functionality of these switches? Also the front kick plate and rear access panel are missing. Any ideas where I can pick up replacements?


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    Most likely, the heavy buzzing was coming from the relay on the compressor which it couldn't start.

    If the buzzing is intermittant, on and off after a few seconds, and comes back, then its definitely a compressor that can not start, try a relay first.
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    Default Imperial Freezer Switches

    I have an Imperial Freezer circa 1997 which I got new. The front kick panel on mine only has one rocker which is for a temperature alarm that you can turn on after the freezer is in operation. If someone left the door open or if the freezer drops below um...freezing, it makes a very loud attention-getting buzzing noise. On my model, there is one light on the lower right kick panel that is simply a power light. There is one other switch just inside the door on the lower right that is for "Super Freeze". That is used to quickly bring down the temperature say after first turning the unit on or after loading lots of stuff in it. That would normally only be used to achieve temperature and would be subsequently turned off during normal operation.

    Here's the contact information from the manual:

    Broich Enterprises
    6440 City West Parkway
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344
    (800) 526-6696

    Hope this helps a little.

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