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Thread: Not Cooling Freon leak

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    Default Not Cooling Freon leak

    Model Number: Amana
    Brand: Amana
    Age: 6-10 years


    I'm new to this forum and appreciate any help received.

    About two months ago my Amana sxs refrigerator ( New in 1997) stopped getting cold in both the freezer and refer sides. After readjusting the control settings and cleaning the coils under the unit and still no colder than 35 deg. Freezer, 52 deg. Refer. I called a Amana service tech listed in the area phone book and he tested the unit and determined that the cause was due to a loss of freon and could not determine where the loss was coming from. At any rate he said that the leak may be a month leak, 3 month leak or year leak and was not able to tell without recharging the unit with freon and waiting and monitoring the cooling temps of both sides. Cost of recharge was $149.00

    After 3 months of normal operation ( -2 deg. & 39 deg.) the unit is getting warmer (35 deg. & 55 deg.).

    The tech stated that if the freon leaks out again he would have to find and repair the leak for a extra cost of $450.00.

    My question is : Is this a reasonable cost?

    I apologize not listing the model number but the refrigerator is in my fifth wheel trailer and is not in the local area. The refrigerator is always on and is only used when we visit it about every two weeks for weekends.

    Sorry for the long winded post.


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    It's expensive, but not untypical. By the letter of the law, he shouldn't have just "recharged" without finding the leak. He should have put gauges on and tried to determine where the problem is, used a leak detector etc.

    The cost is probably set to cover all possibilities (worst case - compressor replacement). You may well be able to get better value for money from another company. Given the kind of usage you give this unit, I'd be inclined to use the money towards a new, smaller unit.

    As Dan says, "JMO".

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I won't get to the trailer for about a week, so it will be interesting to see what the temps are at that time in the refrigerator and freezer. At that time I'll get the model of the unit to be more specific about it when I bring up the subject again in the forum.

    Thanks for your honesty about the ball park charges that are currently reasonable.


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