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Thread: Kenmore 80 Series Gas Dryer - No Heat

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    Default Kenmore 80 Series Gas Dryer - No Heat

    I am not getting any heat from my 1998 Kenmore 80 Series, gas dryer, Model 110.70802990. The drum spins fine but I do not hear the ignitor or a slight "swoosh" indicating the flame has ignited, usually within about one minute. What kind of troubleshooting can I do to find the root cause of this problem? Is there any way to test the ignitor?

    My adorable wife insists on using the Time Dry selection instead of the Auto Moisture Sensing selection that I paid extra money to avoid overheating clothes and dryer elements. My shrunken clothes tells me she typically overdrys our clothes which makes me wonder if overheating might be the problem.

    Any help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.


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    If its overheating, its likely your exhaust vent that goes to the outside is clogged or your vent hose is kinked/crushed, I would check that first, pull your dryer away from the wall to see.

    That may have blown out your thermal fuse now with no heat.

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