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Thread: Kenmore 110.20092993 water level control broken

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    Default Kenmore 110.20092993 water level control broken

    Hi, this is my first time here so i'm not sure if i'll get everything tight.

    My problem is that my washer fills up and doesnt stop. From looking at some threads here i think it's the water level control. Only thing is i'v never taken a washer apart. I looked at the back, but didnt want to start removing screws at random.

    Is there a photo of how to fix this? Am i even close in my guess in whats broken?


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    You most likely have a hole in or pressure hose came off.. Here is how to take cabinet off

    Behind the console the water level switch you will see a clear hose attached to it.. follow it and remove from machine . Place under water wth finger at 1 end and blow throw and see if there are bubbles fron a pin hole... if none replce the water level switch

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    Here is your pressure switch hose:
    Hose for water level pressure switch

    Here is your water level pressure switch:
    Water level pressure switch

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