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Thread: Kenmore Washing Machine Makes noise when filling

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    My Kenmore Washing Machine (Model #: 110-82872800) Makes a high pitch whining noise when it fills with cold water. Any idea why it's making this sound.



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    First take off the fill hoses that connect to the water valve on the back of your washer, then check the water valve filter screens for blockage, also some fill hoses have a filter screen on one or both ends, check those also.

    The water valve itself can start making that kind of a noise as well, as the solenoid wears out in time.

    So if you find blockage in any of the filter screens, that may fix it, if all the screens are clear, itslikely the water valve will need to be replaced.

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    Thanks for the quick response.

    I cleaned both filters and it still makes the noise. The washer is 18 years old so there is a good chance that the mixing valve is worn out.


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