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FIXED 970-606223 Kenmore Range, burned out wire, where to buy wire harness


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May 9, 2021
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Hi everyone,
I have a Kenmore Range, Model No. 970-606223 (Note, someone said that this type is a Canadian version, you cannot find it in the most websites. Also it might be true because I do live in Canada).

As you can see that I have L1 (black) wire has been burned out, and H1 (orange, left) wire is also damaged in some degree. Note that L1 wire is also connected with another infinite switch. So I need wire harness for L1 and H1, both are connected to left front burner, which is 8/9 inch element (bigger one) -- Range Radiant Surface Element, 9-in 316135401.

I looked at all kinds of websites, but it is still difficult to determine which type of wire harness I should buy. I only saw a purple wire; however, can I use a purple wire to replace a red, orange and black wires?



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You won't need any wire. Cut the ends of the burned wires off about an inch back from the burned part. Strip off an inch of the wire insulation. Make sure the wire strands are shiny and not dull.

Head to one of the home centers or Walmart and pick up a pack of Hi-temp solderless, non insulated wire ends:

Use a good pair of pliers and crimp the wire ends on the wire. You're done.
Hi staff member,

Thanks so much for your response.

That was what I thought before and I will try it, then let you know results.
Here is one more question. If in case my wire is too short, which type of wire I need to buy to replace such as black, orange, and red? What does color stand for in this range? Are they just different color, or they also mean different resistance and capacity of weirs?

I am sorry for my late response.

I just do some research and I found that there is something related with size, for example: 12-10 Gauge, 1/4" Female Tab. So does this matter, or this size is good for my case?
If in case my wire is too short,
You should have plenty of wire. You're only cutting off an inch or two. If you find you need more wire, take the piece you just cut off with you to one of the home centers and match it up. Wire color doesn't matter on repairs. It just makes it easier to follow on wire schematics. Industry standard is black or red is hot, white is Neutral and green is ground. It's always best to use the same size wire but if you're close that's OK.
Hi everyone:

I have fixed. It runs well, but do not know how long it can go. The female spade connector I used is a bit different from the original one. Here are two photos for your reference. Thanks you folks.


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The female spade connector I used is a bit different from the original one.
As long as it's a high temperature connector it will work just fine.

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