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970-687623 Kenmore (Frigidaire) Electric Oven slow to preheat


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Apr 17, 2019
Richmond Hill, On
Model Number
Oven now takes extremely long to pre heat. Previously would take 15 minutes to preheat to 350 degrees. Now it wil take 45 minutes and only get to 233 degrees. The display box shows a solid red line on the bottom for 50 seconds then a broken red line on the top for 10 seconds.

I have done the following troubleshooting.

Power - The stove top burners work as normal. They heat up within seconds. I read that this means the 240V power coming to the oven is OK. I did switch off the circuit breaker and turn it on again but it made no difference.

MultiMeter - I checked the Baking element for resistance (approx 16 ohms) and the Broiling element for resistance (approx 14 ohms) and the Temperatiure sensor probe for resistance (approx 1080 ohms).

I have visually inspected the control board and did not see any damage, however I am not an expert and not sure what I am looking for.

I am hesitant to order a control board because of the cost and the fact that I cannot return it once I open the package and install it. Anyway to confirm the control board is the cause, or any ideas of what else may be the cause?
Hi Jeff,

Pull your range out from the wall then unplug it from the wall outlet, then remove the back access panel then Put your multimeter on VOLTS AC, then plug your range into the wall outlet, then set your control on BAKE 350, while your bake element is ON, put your meter leads on each bake element terminal and tell me what your meter reads.

Becareful not to touch anything else when your testing live electricity. Then unplug your range from the wall outlet when you are done testing live electricity.

Hi Jake,

I checked the three main terminals and received 118 when testing the centre and an end terminal. I received 240 when testing the 2 end terminals. When I checked the lower baking element I received 118. When I checked the upper broiling element I received 0, was unable to register a value. I checked the upper element on bake when it was cycling 10 seconds out of every minute and I also checked the upper element on the broil setting. Always zero.
Ok Jeff,

That indicates the oven control board is bad.

Here's the oven control board for your model you can order: 316462808 Control-Electrical

Ok Jeff, Sounds good.:)

Hi Jake, I decided to order a new Oven Control Board. I installed it and am sure the connections are the same (took pictures). After installing the clock starting flashing 12:00. None of the buttons seem to be functional, I try setting the clock but nothing happens. Try Bake but nothing happens. I do not have the overlay on right now but I cannot imagine that that would make a difference. The stove top elements still work. Any ideas on why it will not function?
I do not have the overlay on right now but I cannot imagine that that would make a difference.
You bet it makes a difference, it has to be on perfect.

Where did you order the control board from?

Hi Jake,
Excuse my ignorance but I do not understand why the overlay would prevent the control board from working. The overlay is just a piece of plastic with labels on the front and adhesive on the back, is it not? The control board itself has a ribbon connector and electrical connectors on the face of it. Please educate me. All the videos I watched just used a putty knife to remove the old overlay and apply it to the new overlay. I did not want to do this until I was sure that the control board was functioning properly. I did not want to get sticky residue on the board until I was sure I was keeping it. I may try to return it or else sell it, if I cannot get it to work. Thanks


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Just to clarify, when I said 'I do not have the overlay on right now' I meant I did not have it on currently. I installed the EOC it without the overlay. I did not mean that I had the overlay on incorrectly.
Got it!

You got a bad control board then. You must of got it somewhere in Canada used or new? how much did you pay for it?

I got it in Canada, local to me (Toronto). They told me they are new. The manager has been very accommodating. He replaced it 2 times already so I have tried a total of 3 boards, they have all had the same result. I put my original board back in afterwards and it works as it did before. The manager said he will give me a refund. It is inexplicable to me, I have checked the part numbers on the parts themselves and they are exact.

- - - Updated - - -

The price was $280 CDN.
That's very strange, I really don't know what's going on then.

Jeff may know, hes our other tech here that lives and has a appliance repair shop in Hamilton Ontario: http://www.applianceaid.com/jrappliance.html

You can have him come out to your house if he's not to far away or call him.

Thanks Jake. Hamilton is a little too far away. The parts store manager told me of a shop near by that repairs boards, I will bring the board to them and get a quote. I may repair the board or else buy a new oven.
Ok Jeff, sounds good, let us know how it goes.


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