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Sep 21, 2020
North East
I'm a retired auto mechanic, and COVID has my honey-do list getting cleared out nicely. Our old Maytag Atlantis washer & dryer were still working but in need of repairs and the local repair guys were backlogged. The washer was making grinding noises during agitation, and the dryer belt and pulleys were screeching. I found answers here and great parts prices and delivery times from appliancepartspros.com plus videos for the repairs. Drain pump, snubber ring, belt, and suspension springs for the washer. Belt and roller kit for the dryer plus Shop Vac to clean out years of lint. Happy to report both machines are running like new, and made a donation to the board as a thank you.
Thanks @ChevyGuy glad to hear that.:)

Thanks for the donation!

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