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A thank-you and Qs


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Nov 19, 2011
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I'd like to thank those in this forum for posting their appliance problems and Jake for his answers.

I noticed over several days that our fridge was gradually getting worse at cooling. I adjusted the thermostat up very slightly a couple days ago, but the problem worsened. Yesterday, we noticed the ice in the freezer was melting. Placed a thermometer in the fridge, and it read 48F. :-( I threw out a lot of sketchy food items.

I cranked up the thermostat to max, and began snooping around this forum, at which point I rushed back to the fridge to turn the thermostat back down. :)

I removed the grill on the bottom front of the fridge and was stunned at the mass quantities of dog hair under there. Nearly choked my vac a couple times. Mibad. I ascertained that the freezer fan was working, and then turned the thermostat all the way off late last night.

Turned it back to Normal setting this morning, and 7 hours later, the temp reads 38F. The ice is frozen. The compressor fan is humming steadily, where it was silent yesterday. I canceled the inquiry I made to a repair-person.

Before I sanguinely assume that all's well that ends well: Now that it's autumn, how likely is it that the compressor fan will seize again (if that was the problem)? What should we do to prevent this? If the temp in my fridge does not go below 38 at the Normal (or Medium = 2) setting, can I safely nudge it down a bit? I'd like to get it to 36 or below.

Thanks for all the great expertise here!

The condensor fan motor, next to the compressor, only runs if the compressor is running. The "mass quantities of dog hair" on the condensor coils is enough to give it cooling issues. So you turned it off last night and then back on this morning and everything seems to be working ok? I have a suspicious feeling we're not done here so keep an eye on it for a few days.

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