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A2RXNMFWS01 Amana Refrigerator - Water inside Freezer and Fridge


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Aug 29, 2020
United States
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6-10 years
Ice accumulates and closes off the condensate drain line from the freezer to the drain pan. This causes water to overflow into the bottom of the freezer and into the refrigerator. I've taken apart the back of the freezer before to remove the accumulated ice, and that usually keeps the drain open for around 6 months. Now it's happening more often, and it's becoming a pain.

I thought maybe I new drip tray (https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Drip-Tray/WP2254295/4431898) would help, since the existing one is a little rusted, but no one makes them anymore.

Is there anything you could suggest to prevent ice from accumulating? I read here that bleach was suggested (https://www.applianceblog.com/mainf...12-leaking-water-in-fridge.80318/#post-408436).

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Dan O.

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Oct 9, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Something is likely in the drain line slowing it, which allows puddling and eventual freezing. It could be food stuffs or just silt or scum residue coating the line. Cleaning that drain line will likely be necessary. Do not use any kind of cleaners. A manual cleaning is likely necessary.

I suggest fully defrosting the refrigerator first (not just visible ice in the drain trough). You might be able to feed some sort of flexible probe or pipe cleaner type brush down the drain line from the top. (There are bends in it and you likely won't get to the very bottom.) Try scraping the edges as much as possible. Then I suggest using compressed air from the bottom of the drain line by the moistural pan under the fridge. (Put a cloth over the opening in the freezer to catch whatever is thrown up.)

Someone else's similar experience:
LINK > 106.70982990 Freezer is not defrosting- water drain is freezing with ice

Afterward flush it with warm water from the top.

Dan O.