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AC Fan Stays on even when AC is off


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Jul 8, 2005
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Have had a series of power outages in our area. AC fan started to run continuously even when the AC was not cooling. The only way to get the fan to turn off was to turn off power at the breaker. I have scheduled AC repair person to come out on Saturday. They will charge me $60 just to show up, so I wanted to see if there was some easy way to fix this problem before Saturday. Also have small kids and if it gets back up to 100 degrees plus like it has been between now and Saturday, it could be life threatening for my little ones. This is an external AC unit and not a window or room unit. I was hoping that this symptom may be common to all types of AC units, and that there may be some sollution. At least I would like to have some idea of what part may be causing this to occur. Thanks in advance for the help.

External, like a outdoor heat pump unit? Or the compressor/condenser style, with the furnance inside? A central A/C?

Does it still cool, even if the fan keeps running? Indoor or Outdoor fan keeps running?



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