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ACF3325AB Amana gas range flashing F1


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Jun 10, 2007
Model Number
More than 10 years
Amana The Big Oven ACF3325AB
Serial 10023659AA
Manufacturer PACF3325AB0

The clock started flashing "F1" occasionally this afternoon. We haven't noticed anything not working. Turned breaker off for a few minutes and back on. Still blinks. No beeps along with the flashing.

Interestingly we noticed our microwave was not working correctly at the same time (runs when door is open). They are not on the same circuit. I'll post that under Kenmore microwaves. We are not aware of a power surge or any such thing.

Your counsel?

F1-Control malfunction. Verify voltage to the clock oven control board. If 120 volts is present, check wiring. If voltage is present, then your clock oven control board is malfunctioning.

Here's the clock oven control board for your model, but it's No Longer Available:
Oven Control Board 77001200

Can you tell me where exactly I should be checking? There are a lot of wires there. The clock still works, so we know there is at least some current getting to the board.


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The White wire labeled NEU on the board and the Black wire at connector J2 Pin 3.

Some of those components on the board look pretty bad with scorched spots on them especially that resistor R1 and below that resistor. Remember this range is a 2001 model and its past its life expectancy.

The average life of Ranges is only 8-12 years old.

Sorry, but I am not seeing that either of the white wires have a NEU label. Are you talking about the one on the lower left of my picture or the one in the center at the top? And, are you saying I put one probe of the multimeter to that white wire and the other to the black one at J2 Pin 3?
I circled them in the photo here:
Thanks. 122v. I am guess this means the module is bad, right? Fyi, the only thing we've noticed wrong with the range is the blinking F1.
Yes exactly, F1 is usually a bad main control board module even if you get 120 volts to it.:)

Thanks. You said the part is no longer available. May I ask you this?? I see this used one on eBay. Thoughts? Or does it look as bad as ours?
As techs we don't get parts from ebay, we only get OEM parts, if OEM parts are no longer made due to its age, then we tell the customer to go Range shopping.

If you want to take a chance on that board from ebay, then go for it, just make double sure that seller honers the 1 year part warranty or your up a creek, you know what I mean?

Glad to help! Let us know how it goes if you decide to get it.

Since putting it back together, no more blinking F1. We will see how long this lasts!
Wonderful! that's always good news especially on Friday the 13th. LOL

But don't be surprised if you get F1 again, as they say--->If it happens once, it will happen again until the part is replaced.

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