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ADE4BFGS171TW01 Speed Queen electric dryer not heating enough.


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Mar 9, 2023
Model Number
Speed Queen
6-10 years
Speed Queen electric dryer not heating enough. The dryer gives out some heat. Cleared the exhaust vent, and installed a new clock. The clock had a chard orange wire at the clock connection. A closer inspection of the clock showed it was cracked and had heat deformity at the L1 connection. Replaced the element, cycling sensor, and fabric selector switch. Checked the voltage to the electrical block which indicated 240V. still not enough heat. HELP!!!
If the vent is clear and clean you will need to take the dryer temperature--->WITH NO CLOTHES in the dryer--->With the dryer on timed dry, high heat, the temperature at the dryer vent should be 160*F to 190*F. Watch the thermometer or multimeter display and note the temperature the element turns off and the temperature it turns back on through about 6-8 cycles. They should be fairly consistent.

My multimeter reads temperature, it comes with a probe you put in the dryer door. WITH NO CLOTHES in the dryer--->Just open the dryer door and insert the probe, then close the door and run the dryer and watch the meter. Don't put the probe to far in or it will be hitting the drum as it turns.
I ran the dryer with no clothes for 10 minutes and the temperature reached 89. I also checked all the wires for continuity from the power block, and the clock timer to the connections. It all shows good.
I connected the volt meter to the element, ran the dryer, and git 120V at the element. Is that normal?
No, you should get 240 across the heating element terminals.

So your loosing 120 volts somewhere in your heating circuit.

I don't have the schematics for this model, so I'm unable to track it down with you.
Wiring Diagram 511838

I connected the volt meter to the element, ran the dryer, and git 120V at the element. Is that normal?
Also could the other leg of the 240v be from the motor side?
Yes, see L2 on your wiring diagram goes to terminal #1 on your motor, then it contacts terminal #2 that goes to the heating element.

So if your not getting 120 volts at #2 on the motor and the wire from the motor to the heater is not broken, then the motor is the culprit.

Here's the motor for your model:
Assy Motor & Pulley-120/60 Pkg D511629P
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