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ADE4BRGS176TW01 Speed Queen dryer No Heat


Apr 24, 2022
Model Number
Speed Queen
1-5 years
Unit won't heat in any mode, when in the timed dry and max dry automatic modes the buzzer tones at the asterisk indicating energy saver. I checked input voltage and have 240 across L1 and L2 and 120 from each leg to neutral at the wall and at the terminal block at the back of the dryer. I checked the vent line for obstructions and found none. I pulled the lower panel and checked for continuity through the thermal fuse and the high limit switch on the element housing and they are both good.

I also continuity of the element itself and it is 9 ohms. I pulled the cycling switch and tested its function by putting it on a hotplate and checking the circuit of the larger terminals. As it heats up the circuit opens and when it cools down, the circuit closes. I removed the front of the dryer and pulled the drum to access the motor centrifugal switch and it opens and closes when I manually actuate the switch I checked this at the two outer most spades with the connector removed.

I started to check the timer circuit and found that when I turn off the extended tumble rocker switch, the drum stops spinning. I revisited the schematic and rationalized/misinterpreted the timer circuit paths and found one open so I condemned it and replaced it.... no change. I am an Heavy Equipment Technician and appliance design is a little confusing for me at times. I'm hoping someone has had the symptom of the extended tumble switch turn off the drum as I can't seem to find that anywhere. Also, what voltage checks should I make at the element itself. Should I expect 240 volts on the element across the two terminals?

Please help and thanks.

You've checked all your parts that control the heating element and they all are good.

So now I'd start looking for a broken wire in your wire harness from the timer down to the thermostats and heating element.

Yes, You should get 240 volts at the heating element when you touch each meter probes to each of the two heating element wire connectors.


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