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Admiral washer,mdl#AAV2200AJW DEAD


Premium Member
Dec 29, 2005
Jamaica W.I.
Why is it that when I pull the knob/or turn on the above mentioned washer I get absolutely nothing from it -dead?
I tested the capacitor and it's ok.
' ' ' overload protector,that is also ok
The lid switch is ok.

I got the proper voltage at the black wire that lead from source to timer.
I checked for burns and loose terminals at both the timer and motor harness and for anything unusual but find nothing!!

N.B. The owner told me that it (the washer) was not working properly on a particular cycle about four (4)years ago and a service man was called in,and he pulled the timer apart and dust it out because there was a built up of debris along with some ants in the timer housing.It ,the washer,was working since then when it suddenly went dead about 48 hrs ago.
Any good advice is appreciated.
Thanks in advance!!!