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Advice on Burner Tube replacement / fabrication GE Monogram cooktop ZGU375NSD2SS


Mar 8, 2023
Santa Cruz, California
Model Number
More than 10 years
Hi All,
I am hoping to find someone that has experience with fabricating a new 5/16" burner tube that uses the "Robertshaw "Double Bead" end. See attached photo.
The middle burner supply tube was damaged in disassembling the cooktop for other service issues. GE has discontinued support for this model and the necessary repair part (WB28X10033) is no longer manufactured or available.

My goal is to fabricate a replacement supply tube by forming new ends on 5/16" diameter, .031 wall thickness aluminum tubing with a tube beading tool. Unfortunately, the tool to produce a double bead end is not commonly available. I have spoken with a couple of older appliance repair technicians that have used field service tools designed to form the Robertshaw double bead end, but unfortunately neither has access to a tool now.

If anyone knows of an old Robertshaw double bead forming tool for sale I would be interested in buying it. Baring that, any suggestions on duplicating the end using modern beading tools would be appreciated. I am aware of a small tubing bead forming tools from the US and Australia, but neither is designed to do the double bead shape.

I am a mechanic and machinist and feel sure that I can fabricate a custom tool with time. OTOH, my wife would prefer a faster solution if possible : ) The simple approach would be to find either the right or left side burner supply lines (X10032 / X10036) and reform or shorten it with a union. Better yet would be to locate a "new old stock" (X10033) line somewhere.

Any suggestions on tooling or leads on available parts would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance, Will


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