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AER5845QAF Amana Range control panel dead


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Dec 14, 2014
Omaha, NE
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More than 10 years
We have an Amana Easy Touch 800 Model # AER5845QAF that we've had for about 17 years now. Recently the convection fan went out. This happened once before about a year after we bought it. We had a tech come out and fix it since it was still under warranty and I watched him do it and it was a pretty easy repair so this time I thought I'd take it on. This fan is replaced from the front, not the back, so I removed all the racks and the door and got on with it, turning off the breaker in the garage.

I installed the new fan and put everything back together and went downstairs to turn on the breaker. Came back up and the display was dark. Nothing. The control panel did not respond to any button inputs. But all the surface elements worked just fine. Just no control panel response.

So I tried a few things like resetting the breaker again, pushing and holding various buttons, including the "TIME" button and "CLOCK" button. Checked YOUtube for repair videos and nothing went into this problem. One place I went did advise to let the oven sit with the breaker off and see if it will reset itself. So I did that, waiting about 2 hours and then turning the breaker back on. But didn't work.

So I pulled the oven out and unplugged it from the wall. Took off the back covers to expose the wiring and got my meter out. I first checked the thermal fuse for continuity and it checked out fine. Checked the outlet for the proper incoming voltage and it checked out good. I tried to probe a few wires for continuity but didn't have much luck there because Amana doesn't do a very good job of color coding their wires and I didn't want to start cutting tape and plastic ties to sort them out. So I resigned myself to having to call a tech to get any further with a diagnosis. Put all the covers back on and plugged it back into the wall and left it.

My wife and I discussed out next step; call a tech and maybe pay for a new (obsolete) control panel or just buy a new oven. We decided to buy a new oven and get rid of the Amana. So we went shopping and made the purchase and it will be delivered on the 11th of September, a Sunday. It has the double door feature with two convection fans (my new nemesis). I'm not crazy about the Samsung brand but the wife really liked the model and that settled it for me.

I left the breaker on since we could still use the surface elements for cooking. Just no baking.

So about three days later, I'm sitting in the kitchen with my brother-in-law, Ted, and we're kibitzing about Labor Day activities. In the background I hear a loud beep from the oven. I turn around and low and behold, the panel is on and flashing the time. We both look at each other in astonishment. I've done nothing to the oven since a few days earlier except for pushing a button or two each morning to see if it would come back on. Nothing else. Never touched it. Didn't even cook on the surface for that time since I put it back together.

So I go over to the oven and reset the time first, to see if it will take button inputs. It does. So then I set the oven for 350° on convection. The fan kicks on immediately and the oven starts to warm. After about 15 minutes, it reached temperature and beeps once, as it always did. I do this a couple more times and each time the oven reacts normally, like nothings happened. So I go downstairs and turn off the breaker and turn it back on and come up and the display is flashing, like it should. I do this about three more times and the oven responds to each cycling of the breaker as it should. I then set the temperature to 450° and it warms up and beeps. (I'm going to continue doing this until we get the new oven to see if I can make it fail again. At least, if it does fail, I can justify getting the new oven.)

So now we have to make a choice. Keep the Amana or get rid of it. My wife is uncomfortable keeping it because she's worried it might start up in the middle of the night and cause a fire. The control panel part is no longer made and I couldn't find the part anywhere on the net except for a used one on Ebay. So if we keep it we may not be able to get parts for it down the road. I'm not too comfortable selling it since it's behavior could result in someone else having the same problem. Giving it away would bring the same concern that we're giving away an unreliable appliance. But it really goes against my nature to sell/give away/donate/throw away a perfectly good oven if I can't make it fail again over the next couple days.

My wife's other concern is that with the way the supply chain problems are going we may not be able to get another double-door Samsung too soon it this one starts to act up again. The price we're paying for the new oven is a Labor Day special and prices are likely to rise in the near future so there's that. I just wish I had more confidence in the Samsung brand. We bought a five year extended warranty but like the Amana, sometimes problems don't show during a warranty period. We can cancel the sale if we want with no repercussions but we have to do it in the next couple days. If we do take delivery, we can still return during the first 30 days if we don't like it.

Has anyone else had their oven come back from the dead like this? If so, did you have any problems after that? Welcome any advise or tips.
Time to retire it, your wife is correct, not worth the fire risk.

Yes, you are correct--->The good news is usually the week before and the week after Labor Day Weekend, all the appliance stores have a Labor Day Blowout Sale.

We recommend Maytag, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Amana, Jenn-Air.

Thanks for your reply.

We've steered away from the Samsung due to posts we've found on this and other forums.

We're looking towards a Fridgidare brand. Has the features my wife likes without the double door. She's willing to give that up. But not certain about the brand. Any opinions? She's willing to change her mind if the reliability isn't good on Frigidare.

Frigidaire is a good brand, but it does have a little more break downs than Maytag, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Amana, Jenn-Air.


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