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Affinty Washer FAFW3801LW3 Not Spinning


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Nov 10, 2019
Model Number
6-10 years
Looking for advice on the next step. I have an Affinity washer FAFW3801LW3 that keeps switching to "no spin" when I try to start it. I cleaned out the drain filter, and it worked fine for a couple of loads. Filled, drained, and spun appropriately. However, I just went to add a new load and start it up and it's started doing the "no spin" thing again. I just checked and I'm getting error code E23.
Actually, it can be a bad drain motor. That's what I get for relying on my memory....Lol. E24 is Drain pump relay on the board failed. E23 is the drain pump relay on the board failed, a wire came off the pump, or drain pump failed. Start the washer and check for 120 VAC at the drain pump. If the voltage is correct replace the drain pump. If the voltage is 0 replace the control.

Well, if it was me and I forgot my DMM, I would just touch the wires. If I didn't get a shock I'd assume no voltage but that's me. Electricity doesn't bother me. Always respect it but never be afraid of it. This one costs about $17 or you can pick one up at any of the home centers or Walmart starting at about $10.


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