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FIXED AFI2538AES Amana Refrigerator Pe2012 program failure


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Jul 9, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
Programming failure
After installing part number W10890094.
The unit powers up in programming mode.
The model tag shows the code 2012
Holding down freezer Dow after entering 2012 produces a beep (program not accepted)
From my knowledge this means it’s an incorrect part, but I did confirm the correct part number with the model number via Marcone.
The fridge will accept code 0302, but the ice maker will not operate with this code.

Not sure if this helps and but RC says to call them with the serial number to make sure it is the right part.

LINK> Refrigerator main control board. *Call with Refrigerator Serial number to verify correct board

but I did confirm the correct part number with the model number via Marcone

I got the same part# you did when I looked it up.
Sorry can't help more.

jeff sr.
I’ll call with the serial then. It’s sounds like a serial break that Marcone missed.
If you get a chance, let us know what they said.

jeff sr.
I will. I finished my last call at 7pm so I didn’t get a chance to today, but I’ll call them in the am when I’m doing my paperwork
Thankx for the update, that should help others! :)

jeff sr.
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