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AK2H30W3 Replace Dual surface element switch


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Jul 8, 2016
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6-10 years
Hi all...so good to be part of this great forum. I have received help before and I hope some of you may be able to help me now. I have a Amana Smoothtop Cooktop
electric range. My surface burner control switch needs to be replaced. I have looked at all of the appliance sites and keep seeing that the switch I need is no longer available or manufactured.

My model is Amana AK2H30W3-P1131565 N W. The manufacturer/part number is 0309550. The switch is made by Harper-Wyman, made in Mexico, 6670G0012B,
31 309550 02 0, 240 Vac 15 Amps RES, Mexico H9545. This is all stamped on the switch. If anybody has this Amana range somewhere in your possession and would like to sell me the switch, please let me know. If anybody can help me find this switch, I would surely appreciate it.

Thank you,
Here's the part you need:
Hi Rick...I just talked with AppliancePartsPros. They told me that the switch is not compatible with mine and that they cannot guarantee a match. Can you tell me if I would be able to adapt this switch to my wire harness? How do I determine where the wires on my switch would attach to the terminals on the switch you said would work? And when I typed my model number into their compatibility search, it said that the switch was not compatible. I would be glad to be able to use this switch and spend the $75.00 for the part. But what would I need to do to make it so?

Your interest on my behalf is appreciated. Please let me know your thoughts and if you may have other options or a switch replacement or repair.

Thank you agan.
Can you take a picture of the switch and the wire terminals. The wire terminals are marked on the switch. Mark them on the picture then post it here.
Dual Element switch.jpg
Hi Rick...ok...please find attached pictures of the switch. I do not see nor quite understand the marked terminals. It appears that the marked terminals on my switch, which you can see, are a little different from the schematic you sent me. I hope you can make sense of this and then possibly find a switch that may work with the proper connections to the terminals of a adaptable switch. Thanks so much for your assistance. Let me know if you require further photos or anything more from me.


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Hi all and thanks to all those that have assisted me in my quest to locate a switch for my old Amana cooktop. Unfortunately, all of the switches I have compared mine to are not compatible and are not guaranteed to work properly...I need the same switch which is no longer available. For me to purchase another similar switch would be a shot in the dark. I will continue to search for a little while longer...hard to believe that I cannot find the same switch somewhere in this world; but I cannot. Looks like I may have to bite the bullet and purchase a new Cooktop.

Thanks again everyone...be careful out there.
That was my conclusion also. I wrote that in a post last week but I forgot to click on post reply..lol My apologies. Most of the parts are no longer available for that cook top.
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