allen wrench stuck


Oct 1, 2007
Hello, after searching around the internet on how to fix my garbage disposal, I found that there was an allen wrench (hex key) and a small hole underneath to manually turn and get it working again. We have used this method before and it has worked, but this time was different.

After using the allen wrench, and turning it a few times, the disposal someone locked up that little hole, and the allen wrench is STUCK in the bottom of the disposal, just hanging out of the hole underneath. With as much force as i can use without yanking my whole disposal down out of the sink, i can't for the life of me get it back out. It's like the little hole closed up around it, and i somehow need to reset it to open back up and let the allen wrench fall out.

We have fixed our disposal using this method before, and yes, the allen wrench is the correct size for the disposal, we have used this same one before without any problems. Is there some way to get it to release so that i can use the disposal again? The other times that we have fixed the disposal, the key comes right out after we are able to turn it around and get the disposal working again.

We aren't sure what else to do, and have tried hitting the reset button and flipping the breaker off. There don't appear to be any other buttons on the disposal. What did we do wrong?

It's a Wilmar garbage disposal, if that will help at all.
Get a hammer and tap it out.:)

This was posted 12 years ago, I'd be shocked if you got a reply. :eek:

Try it either way.


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