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Amana ASD2522WRS01 Erratic Cooling of freezer, Verifying Diagnosis


Dec 1, 2019
Model Number
More than 10 years
Manu: Amana
Model: ASD2522WRS01
Date of Fabrication: 04-09 Age: 10+ years

Good evening,
I don't have confidence in my diagnosis.

Symptoms: Erratic Cooling of freezer (it will freeze food for several hours than it will all defrost) while the fridge is not cooling at all.

Diagnosis procedures:
1. put a analog thermometer (one used for automotive A/C) in side both compartments (I have two) both have maintained 45°.
2. Using Fluke meters I checked amperage draw on compressor and Noted 9 amps when clicking on.
3. Visual inspection of both fans show they are working properly
4. Tested defrost thermostat via co2 spray opens and closes at temps
5. Using the capacitance feature on fluke 87V I saw 12 µF on capacitor
6. I listened for relay to click on and heard it but don't know how to check it.
7. Touched the compressor and noted very hot compressor body to the point one can leave their hand on it for more than a few seconds.

Due to high amperage draw and a very heated compressor with no frost on coils I believe the compressor is not properly functioning.

Asking for more procedures to have a definitive conclusion of a bad compressor! What do you all suggest to test.


Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
Hi Josh,

Yes, it does sound like your compressor is shot, but let's confirm that first by checking the compressor start relay device.

Unplug your refrigerator and remove the compressor start relay from the side of the compressor.

Follow the guide here to check and see if it rattles inside when you remove it:

Here's the compressor start device relay assembly for your model:
WPW10189190 Start Device Combination

IF YOU GET NO RATTLE WHEN YOU SHAKE IT: Use your multimeter to ohm test your compressor start relay.

Put your meter probes in the top 2 holes, and put your multimeter at the lowest ohms of resistance, it should read between 3-12 ohms. If you don't get a reading between 3-12 ohms, or you get no reading at all, then its bad.

If the compressor start relay tests good, that just leaves the compressor as the culprit.