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Amana Dryer ALE643RBW Squealing and bad smell


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Jan 8, 2011
Norfolk Va
Model Number
Started making a intermittent squeal last weekend when she was doing laundry but I did not get to it. now significantly worse. Walked into the room and could smell something hot. So I am hoping it is just a belt???? Is there a common part number that i can use to get a replacement at a auto store or is it something special???

Thank you!!
If the drum is turning it's probably not the belt. It sounds like the idler pulley stopped turning and the belt is carving a groove in it. It could also be a roller the drum sits on. You'll need to disassemble it to locate the problem. Whatever you do, DO NOT use any oil lubricants on the part or you'll make a bad situation worse. Clean the roller shafts and idler pulley shafts with steel wool. Replace both rollers at the same time.

Idler Pulley WPY54414

Drum Roller WP37001042

Drive Belt WP40111201

Auto Parts Store for auto parts. Appliance Parts Store for appliance parts.
OK makes good sense to replace it all. I will tear it apart and inspect tomorrow. Should I also replace the front drum glide things? Been watching the Vids and looks like something that should be done at this point in life.

So I tore it down and it turns out the noise is the blower squirrel cage rubbing on the housing. Some of those other parts needs replaced also esp the idler pulley. So the squirrel cage has definitely got bearing play. If I lift up ever so lightly it clears the housing and when rotated by hand does not bind or make any noise but if left under it's own weight it binds slightly and make a scrapping noise.

Can I replace just the support bearings for this or are they integral to the motor??
So yea I was wrong again. I pulled the blower off the end of the motor and the motor itself is squealing. Sounds like the bearings are spalled up real bad. So anyway new motor is on order.

Thank you for sticking through this
Yes, that's definity the motor bearing then.

Here's the motor for your model in case others need it too:
Drive Motor WP2200376

Video Included in part lint.


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