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Amana Dryer NED7200TW10 Wiring


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Nov 2, 2014
Fairless Hills, PA
Model Number
I figured out the problem with my dryer not heating and it was because the heating element broke. First verified by multimeter on OHM setting with a reading of OL and then I physically found the break on the underside. So now I got a new problem. I made the mistake of not writing down the order of the colored wires. From left to right there is the thermal fuse, high limit thermostat and element terminals.

For the thermal fuse (located left), is it black on top and blue on the bottom?
For the high limit thermostat (located middle), is it black to the left and blue to the right?
For the element terminals (located right), is blue on the top and red on the bottom?

From left to right is how the wires were connected

From left to right, thermal fuse, high limit thermostat, element terminals.

If anyone could help me with this I'd really greatly appreciate it. I feel dumb because I should know better to pay attention to detail by now. I have the tech sheet pdf for 27” Domestic Dryer Technical Information NED7200TW but I'm having a hard time comprehending the diagram and have no experience reading diagrams.

Or is it?

thermal fuse (located left), blue on top and black on the bottom.
high limit thermostat (located middle), black to the left and blue to the right.
element terminals (located right), blue on the top and red on the bottom.

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