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Amana Dryer NGD4655EW0 No Heat/Wont turn off on its own

Jan 19, 2021
Model Number
1-5 years
So my dryer as of yesterday does not get hot. I also noticed at the same time that when I set the timer to 60 or any number, it gets down to the cool down section and never stops. I have to turn the knob to the off position for it to stop. Not sure if these coincide or not. Any help would be appreciated

So what your saying is no heat is produced at all on any cycle? But it runs with no heat and turns off on TIMED DRY and AIR FLUFF but NOT AUTO DRY?

You will need a multimeter to ohm test your thermal fuse and thermal cut-off and high-limit thermostat. Make sure you unplug your dryer first!

You ohm test the thermal cut-off just like you would a thermal fuse. Same with the high-limit thermostat. ALL should read 0-1 ohm when they are good.

When you click the part links to these parts below, you will see how to access them.

Here's the thermal fuse for your model:
Thermal Fuse WP3392519

Here's the thermal cut-off assembly for your model, which includes the high-limit thermostat:
Manufacturer's Number: 279769

Let us know what you find.


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