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Amana electric bakes, cleans fine but broiler not working


Mar 2, 2016
New York
Model Number
6-10 years
Hi - I have an Amana electric stove/oven model AER5845QAB. Overall it is working fine (all burners work, oven seems to bake OK, cleaning seems to work OK) with only one exception (broiler element only gets warm on broil setting (hi or lo)). I replaced the broiler element but that made no difference. I tested the old broiler element for continuity and it was fine. It showed no evidence of any cracks, holes, etc. so I put back the old broiler element and kept the new one on the side. I put in a new long oven sensor and that made no difference either. I inspected the wires along the back of the unit and the broiler wires are firmly connected. I don't see any signs of damage on any of the wires overall. I don't see any signs of anything burnt out on the controller board. The only thing that has black around it are the wires around the stove light. The light works fine and I have never had to replace it. So I expect that is normal. I tried testing both the old and the new oven sensor for resistance and I get 0 from both of them when removed from the oven. I realize I should be getting about 1100 ohms but since both behave the same I assume that test or how I am conducting it is not reliable. I was hesitant to suspect the oven sensor since it seems to be doing its job for baking. Short of ordering a new oven controller I am at a loss for what to test and how to determine exactly what the problem is.

Thank you


Appliance Tech - Moderator
Staff member
Oct 10, 2004
Ontario, Canada

Sounds like you have checked all the most common stuff....does leave the control/clock as the prime suspect for sure....no 220-240 volts out to the broil element when set for broil = new control time.

Oven-Control-Board-5701M648-60-01089167.jpg Oven Control Board