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Amana electric range ART6002L - running too hot


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Feb 16, 2022
Salt Lake City
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More than 10 years
I have a 25 year old Amana ART 6002L. It seems to only have one temperate in the oven - way too hot. Burns everything. Will a temperate sensor fix this for sure? They are kind of pricy and the oven is pretty old.

timneedshelp said:
Will a temperate sensor fix this for sure?

Only if it is for sure causing the problem. A start will be testing it. The values it should be may be the same as those illustrated at the following link. Let us know the results.

ART6002L Oven Sensor

If not, you're in for more headaches as that would usually leave the electronic control as the troublemaker which is discontinued and NLA.

Dan O.
It did throw one F4 code earlier this week. I reset the breaker and kept using it and it hasn't had the code since, but it seems unreasonably hot since then.
timneedshelp said:
but it seems unreasonably hot since then

At least measuring the sensor's resistance would be a start. You might also want to invest in a cheap oven thermometer to find out the actual temperature.

Also, if that model has a variable broil setting, checking to see if it overheats on a lower temp on that broil setting as well would be useful to know.

Overheating could be caused by either a defective oven sensor or a 'sticking' relay in the electronic control. There are separate relays for bake and broil and would malfunction separately whereas the oven sensor would affect both settings equally.

Dan O.
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